Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blog Battle Topic for Week 9:What are your thoughts after watching the 7 NDP Filmlets?

For the video featuring on Taxi Driver ....
Actually,I feel proud and honoured that SIngapore has a Taxi driver like the woman(Lily Chng).She promotes Singapore to Tourists and she has been driving for about 20 years.Although everything has changed,She still promotes Singapore to the tourists and loves to contribute to the nation.! She is also proud of what she is doing which is good to have such a good taxi driver in Singapore.

Featuring on Ah MENG...
Sam who is the zoo keeper of the zoo, helps to take care of AH Meng . She is a local attraction of singapore and the video shows that she is kind and friendly to the visitors of the zoo.She is also a famous icon as she comes to singapore when she is 8 YEars old and now, she is 47 Years old !She treats singapore as her home although she is exported from other countries.. And she is proud to stay in Singapore!:)

For the video featuring on Samsui Women ...
She came to Singapore in 1936 and she came to Singapore for about 42 years already.She comes to Singapore as she heard that Singapore has a great future and can easily earn money.Although she came here to work as Samsui Woman for only 50 CENTS a day, She still perserves and continues to stay in singapore since she is 18 years old. Now, she is 89 Years old and she stayed in singapore for 71 YEARS !:) And true enough, Singapore has progressed over the years and has a great future Ahead!

For the video featuring on Film Projectionist...
It shows that Mr. Mohd E Zarki Bin Mohd worked in the cinemas since he is 22 and this video actually shows us the developments in singapore. For example, he mentioned that in teh past, there is a need for 7 projectionists but now, there is only a need of 1 projectionist to operate the shows and films.

For the video featuring on Returning Student ...

It shows that MR.Eddie Ler misses singapore although he travels around the world and has once studied in UK.He misses the food and his familyand friends in singapore.!He enjoys his work and the things that he could do (dancing) in singapore!

For the video featuring on Roti Prata..

It is actually about the same with the video showing on Film Projectionist as it shows the development that singapore gone through over the years.It shows us how his shop gets famous over the years with his shop situated in singapore!

For the video featuring on Singaporean Turk ...

Although ms.Ozlem Evren has gone to lots of countries to stay, she still choose to stay and be a citzen in Singapore.She is proud to be a citzen here and talks about various reasons why she wants to stay in Singapore.Firstly, it is safe,clean and accessible.It is also a place where she can promotes her turkish dishes to the singaporeans and lastly, she wants to bring up her kids in singapore.

*My Reflection*
The above videos actually shows us that everyone has a common thought: They are proud to be a singaporean and the Various developments in singapore.After watching the videos, i feel more honoured and proud to be a citizen here!I am happy to be part of singapore and i will contribute more to Singapore!I am also happy the past experiences and contributions that the people have.And although they are from different walks of life, they are proud to be a singaporean which is good !I will also learn to appreciate the things that our ancestors have laid down for us!:) Singapore allows me to excel and achieve my best & I feel proud to be a singaporean!

Singapore ,I love you Always!

************************End of post*********
SY Yuan.

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