Friday, July 27, 2007

Hi pple..

Firstly, I would like to thank all those people who vote for me twice in the week 7 and week9 NDP Contest. Thanks alot(Zah,Nad,Chloe,Joc,Fab,Sec 2 Juniors and many more..)
Bt i dont think i will win tis time cos they say they will contact the winner yesterday so i didnt get any calls/email so dont tink will winn. hizz.. Sobb.. Feel like giving up liaox.
Saw Week 10 NDp Contest: What aspect do you like most in singapore's history. Its so hard lolx.. So wont take part for this week contest and saw all those who participated. Its like sooo good lol.. so wont stand a chance to win one..

Secondly, last tuesday tis week, I went to Princess (E macdonald opp Bedok Int) . I bought some fries and went out of mac. When i reach the bank , i saw a suspicious character standing there.. He approached a man too then he also came forward. he said that he does not have any money in his EZLINK and want to go to work. Ask me if i got money..Of course, Im smart enough and didnt give him. He wears an olive green tshirt and wears a sunglass. Then an elderly woman waited for me and asked me if i got give the man money.. I tell her"the person who give him the money is a fool and is stupidd">>!!!!:) haha.. Its like 4:30pm and who goes to work at this time and he wears sunglass makes me more suspicious!

Today went to bio lab to do biio.. Draw until my hand pain and got headache. Joc draw until so nice .. No wonder she is an ART CLUBBER!!!! haha.. Bought a fish and fish burger and went home at 2:15pmm..Then wen joc and me went out of the sch gate, we saw a group of guys loitering and approached Joc askin if we know a guy frm 2E3 ... Of course we say noo..
Then one of them is like his head dyed with red... We joked that his hair so colourful like rainbow!!!!!:)

Hizz.. Stress ....Dont like stress.. Love sleepinn.. Have been sleepin for the few afternoonss... Just woke up too.. And so many things happen tis weekkk.. And Someone's birthdae cumiingg..:)

Need to go liaoxx.. Bb!:)

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