Sunday, July 01, 2007


Blog Battle Topic for Week 6:When you are overseas, what do you miss about Singapore?
Adapted frm SG, Website.

okk.. Actually, i miss the litter-free surroundings and together with the beauty that singapore has. The plants created the greenery scenery which make us feel comfortable and fresh after looking at the plants around us.I also miss the shows that are broadcasted on our tvs and the wide variety of radio channels that singapore has. They are exciting and listening at radio broadcast would allow us to improve our languages. Next,I miss the sense of secure that singapore has and of course, the friendly neighbours living around us.I will also miss the convienent transportation that singapore has which will easily bring us to our destination.And of course, the HDB flats that we could find all around singapore!:) And the variety of food that we could find in all hawker centres!


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