Saturday, May 19, 2007

hiii!:) hizz.. 2day went to TECC for project then went out again to IKEA. On the bus, i gave my seat to an woman.. See i so guai... Bt actually i wanted to just give her the inner seat bt she took e 2 seats on SMRT bus.. Angerr but i still so guai.. Give my seat to her .. Then , at ikea , went to buy A computer chair @128 SGD.Before discount, it was 289SGD now, offer lahx.. Not bad:) then bought it.. Now my dad fixing the chair ..:) very nice leh and comfortable:).. kk.. Then, went to Giant ... It was DAMNNNN bigg and very windy(I mean e Air con there).. Shop there for 2 hrs , bought a long pant:)Then went home @ 7pm.. Reached Tampines MRT at 7:30PM.. Reached home at 8pm .. Now typin lahx:) Realli enjoy myselff:) Very happi todayy..

**I knoe that i have been typing smilies in this post today.. haha.. i also dunno y lah:)(haha.. again).

kk.. Actually, didnt earn much these few days thus we need ur help! Just click on any ads found on this blog as many times as u can! Then , in this way , i can buy my software to upgrade myself... Thank you if u help me lahxx...

kk.. Listenin to Yes 93.3.FM.

haha... Thank you for ALL UR TAGS esp. Corrina,Elaine and X2(OR2X) same lah..

ok... tt's it,.. Try e new chair now bahh.. can move back 1:)


Sy Yuan

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