Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ok.. For a start.. Depression has occured againnnnnn........Hateeee My results..... My Emaths gotten A B3 .. Well, sorry ... I didnt do veri well then... That's too badd.. Then my comb humanities also didnt do quite well bt Gotten an A. Elaine 变态 1, she gotten A1 Then same mark as her s.s... Shittt... haha.. Then bio, lost to 9 PEOPle, bt satisified lahh.. Never mind will work harder and score better at end of year...

Today, ms lim says 2 pple will haf to go back to sch during holidays.. I will be one of them.. Dont need to say 1 .. I failed twice liao lol.. Calculated my average,... well, very bad .. lahhhhhh.......

Now, what can i do is to sit and relax till end of next month then studyy:):)

hmm.. Malcolm cheat 1, he gotten 3rd,!For maths! Shittt lolll... Bt good job man! this time got sth wrong.. sth blockin my view to do better.. so must go temple and pray lahh..

Hope to Get better grades for end of yearrr!!

And then, today chem lesson abt Chemical equation!:) Quite fun bt complicated...

Went homee @ 12:20Pm.. Went to Food court to eat!Nice nice!! And walked home drenched cos of the heavy rain..

From 2pm-now, i haf been watchin korean Dramas:)haha.. Very nice lehh..:)

2morrow goin Hydroponic fARM.. dont feel like goin 2morrow:).. And ,some people dont want to go horr..:) Well, Will get report cards on Friday:))..

Ok... need to go liaoo:)

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