Friday, May 18, 2007

Hiii! By looking around at everyone's blog on my linkages on my blog, i tink im the onli one who has been updated DAILY and changed skin 2 times since 5 days! Haha:)

Hizz.. Today give back chinese.. Saw Qiu Mei's blog few minutes ago... Hizz.. B4 LEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. sad ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... WHAT HAPPENNEDDDDDDDD??????!!!Dont ask me... I also dont knoeee..

Then, as expected, failed physics! haha.. at first feel sad lahx then after that i overxcome it soon cos i expected e result to be like thatt.. !

Then, A.maths got A2 .. YEAHHH!!! Didnt expect/... Thought i failed like a pile of shit.. Bt i didnt .. YEAHHHHHH!!

Then biology paper 1 got A1.. hizz.. Expected lahx(Boast lahh):)

Ai yahh,.. Dont care liao..

Blog BLOG!!! :)

2morrow and sunday going out:)
Yeahh.. all e subjects that i scared most are finally REVEALED! haha.. so happi:) L1 R5... Die liaooooooooo... I tink tis time more than 20+ lehh..

Then , Glenn win me most of subjects lol.. Fed up ahh... All by 1 -10 marks.. Hizzzzzzzzz.....

Sad lahh..

Bt sorry to spam such a nice and wonderful blog!:)

And again, this serves as a warning to all those spammers who have been spamming my blog e past few days 2gether with my friends quiz.,,
1. tag onli if u want. No one is forcing u here. All spam messages/tags will be delected automatically without considering and ur IP code will be blocked by the system. Thus, u will not be allowed to tag anymore..
2.About the friends quiz, dont take if u dun feel like.

ok.. that's it lahxx..

bt if u want any skins/templates, u can try by searching thru google or any links found on this blog. Thank you and hope u can find what u want to find!:)

THats it,.. Sleeping time:)

kk.. byee:)

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