Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hii people..

Yesterday went expo lahh.. Went there wif my aunty then left after an hour due to the bad stomachache.. Reached home feelin very sick maybe cos of the oily smell there.. Feel like vomitting bt didnt lahh..Then , Was ok at Around 6pm and have dinner then sleep..

Today, watched Korean show from 9am to 11am.. Finally finished watchin the show... Very nice ending lehh bt the worst mistake is that the writer keep turning around e bushh.. haha..
Then painted a Antique car which i built for a few dayss... After paintin, very very nice lehh.. Now tto late liao.. Cannot capture clear photos(crap excuse lahh) haha.. so will take 2morrow and post online..

Then Planted hydroponic plants since thursday and nothing happened.. hizzz... Waiting and waiting.... Bt wont grow mosquitoes 1 ritee?? haha..

ok.. now downloadin a free trial software lahh..:) ok.. then byeeeee..

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