Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hiii!:) Welcume! 3 years ago... It was when i started this blogg.. with this address.. Of course, i start blogging since i'm P5 lahh..:) okk..

Planted my Hydroponic plant since last week.. Yesterday, Roots grew out liao.. TOday, 1st leaf grew out, At 4PM today, 2nd leaf grew out!hhaha.. expecting for e 3rd leaf then shift the plant to e next stage lahh
Yesterday went to sign up for Passion card and a computer course(A.P) .. haha.. expecting the course soonn.. Bt it cost very ex lahh,. $70+ lehh.. bt its worth it lahh.. From 10am - 1 pm (3 SATURADAYS)! haha..

ok.. need to eat liao.. will change my blogskin on sun lahh.. REMEMBER TO VISIT & TAG! And .. I tink i got time lahh..:) kk.. byee

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