Monday, November 10, 2008


My mood was dampened and full of angriness or rather, i should say boiling with rage.I decided to blog because this will be the only way to flush out my frustration.

The whole story was like that:
9:10 AM : I did not refer to the schedule pasted outside the hall and did not realise that there was a bio lesson today
I went home as i saw some from 4/6 and 4/7 walking out of the school gate.

9:30AM: i reached home and was having my breakfast

10:30AM: zuliah called me(i dunno how she got my number) and interrogated why i was not at school. I told her that i did not know and she said this:"How can you not know? everyone is here!"

And then i just kept quiet, left her rattering on... Then she said" You can't just give up like this!" I was furious at that moment! Did i ever said that i was going to give up?! WHen did i said that? WHen did i did not show interest in biology? If i dont, i wont even bother to study for bio or even do her assignments or come for her lessons.

11:15AM: Though i promised her that i will come at 11:45am, i did not because it was raining heavily and there was thunder. It was like really very heavy.If you are at home, you will know it.
Everyone in singapore knows that i cycled to school. I am not fortunate to have a car that drives me to school. and i do not spend money on buses. so, i usually ride my bike. But it was raining like siaoz.I decided to not to go to school.

I sms tiff and told her to convey the msg to zuliah that i will not come to school as it was raining very heavily and i just could not get out my house and will get from her the papers tomorrow.

2:30pm: Tiff sms me and told me what zuliah said. I was utterly disappointed that zuliah said this. Zuliah said:"it will depend on how serious is he/ the level of seriousness that he has.". I was shocked.When am i not serious?esp for exam stuffs?! The attitude and Tone of voice matters to me. I dont bother whether you give me the notes/test papers to try or not. Really. It really doesnt matters to me because i have plenty at home. But what matters most is that you do not even show any respect to your student and dont consider his feelings . This infers that you dont even respect the student.
I was rather mad and i kept sms tiff..(SOrry tiff_!)

4:00PM: i think i spent almost $1.50 on the sms that i sent out to tiff and audrey .it was like rather a waste of money but i dont know that i splunder so much.. i was glad that there was someone who will even console me and i felt better. I really want to thank tiff for offering her concerns and consoles.. Thanks alot for always there.

5:00PM: I decided to end the whole thing by sending my last sms to tiff to prevent myself from spending too much..mine is prepaid not postpaid..I decided to calm myself down and my chem textbook was in front of me from 11:00AM till now but havent even studied one page. was rather distracted by the incident.

7:15PM:Thanks audrey for reading the 2 page long sms and asked me to relax:)

Hence, i decided to post this entry for you to vote and to decide who's right and who's wrong.I can say that i really dont wish to see her again after 2morro's bio lesson and i was relieved that 2morro will be the last time i will see her !

But you wont understand how i feel because this does not happen to you. Unless you slowly read and understand....:) Hope you really can understand..


Click on comment to comment and vote.. I feel really peaceful now... and was glad that everything was over....Comment is below this post... Only good and encouraging comments will be approved. No spams.

I spent a total of 40 mins to write out the whole story....

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