Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today was a tiring day! I have to make a trip down to singapore poly to submit all the forms and have my photo taken for poly pass! It was so nice excpet they enlarge the photo, making me look FATTER. But, i have an ideal size ok?!No matter how much i eat , i wont grow fat.. Amazing right? I also feel that way but dont be jealous !

Set off from east at 8:45 am and reached singapore poly at 9:30AM ! The ride was quite ok.. only that it was quite boring.. So, i will buy my omnia to entertain myself:) Then, reached there.. Dont know how to go to admin office.. went to a university office in SP . I was so startled but luckily, found my way there. The campus was so hugh and i like the library.
And i pay $150 for my fees.. And there goes my moneyy..haha

Anyway.. here's my poly entry pass.. Dont get jealous ok? Because i am the first among everyone to get the pass.. and those going poly wont get it now till april.. So, dont get jealous!!!!!!!!!
Tada !The moment you've been waiting for!:

Okk.. enough of admiration!Let's continue. I went to bedok taking bus 14 to go to SATA to collect my medical report for poly. Its necessary.. i also dont know that it is required..:) anyway, like what i say... i have ideal size right, i have ideal health.. it is perfeccttt!! I walked to sata from bedok and back to bedok from sata! walk until my leg pain liao!
Anyway, just now also got bypass orchard. here are the photos! Its so beautifuLL!!

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