Sunday, November 16, 2008


Now typing in darkness... You will be wonderingg... how can i type in darkness? dont forget i have super alhh.. jkjk.. okk... light is back:)

Well, yesterday went to vivocity and finally, managed to touch on my favourite phone, SAMSUNG OMNIA!!! i was rather dumb, dont know how to operate the phone.. But managed to get hold of the phone after a while,i am so it-savvy.. (okk.. boasting again) haha.. i tried on the samsung innov8 but it was not so nice.. too high tech and the images also.. not so nice..

Then, i went onto omnia.. i could not capture the image.. dont know why.. haha.. it was rather cool but not so sensitive leh.. because i have to press the screen for a few times before it goes onto the next menu.But i could say that it was rather hugh screen and the phone looks real cool with powerpoint and tv-out functions.

But seriously, i still prefer samsung soul. it was so damn cool with animated buttons and its like with one press, it goes on to the next and so nice! Decided to change my mind and want to buy samsung soul liao!Not only was it cheap, it was really really cool. Dont believe ? Go and get your hands on them now at any samsung shops!

Have fish and chips not at long john but at another resturant at vivocity.. It was quite oily but the fish was really nice and worth it! They give soup of the day,fish and chips, ice -cream for like $10+. Quite expensive but the fish taste really good.

After lunch, went to eat around vivocity and went home.. It was quite tiring but worth it as there were lots of great food!:)

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