Saturday, November 15, 2008


These few days were bad . Because i was suffering from great pain. You wont be able to guess it too ! It's a stupid wisdom teeth that causes me to suffer so much.

Wednesday, i ate a bread slightly baked and my tooth started to hurt.
I thought it was just a mild pain as i had suffered from such pain before and that time i just ate oranges and recovered. I was rather suffering from slight depression(i didnt say serious , i said slight ) as i flunk my chemistry paper and it was a bad one . Tell you why. 4 questions came out from TYS and i got 2 wrong . It was not because i dont know. At first, i wrote the answers correct and after much thinking and pondering, i went onto alter the answers and wrote the wrong ones. When i came out, i referred to my tys and i was doomed. I felt like welling but i held back my tears, consoling myself that it was nothing.But when i returned home, i could not control myself.. and it went out for 10 mins or so...

Ok.. continuing from where i stopped which was the bread thing, i went onto eat potato chips to lighten myself and the pain still went on.. I thought it was too heaty and ate plenty of oranges. But , it was to no avail. I dont care about the pain and went to read my biology.

The next day after my test, i went home with greater pain. I knew something was wrong. It was not my heatiness.... I drank lots of water but no use...

On friday, i was down with a sore throat and the pain was worse. In fact,the worst was on thursday but friday, it was with sore throat and i have to swallow the food. No use munching as i could not even sense the food and i had great difficulties finishing my dinner.

I went to clinic near my house to see a doctor. And it was caused by the wisdom tooth! I was blaming myself for my unluckiness... after exams sick but later, i thought this way, it was because i studied too much until i was too clever so it grew out one..haha:) Jealous? (i know you will say u wont but dont bluff,k?)

Took the antibiotic and all the medicines, a total of 4 and slept.

Today,all my sorethroat was gone, and i could munch food but it was slowly and i could rather feel the teeth growing outt.. I was relieved as finally, everything was over...

Anyway, despite the pain, i was brave enough to go to expo asia food fair to eat and went to vivocity today to eat fish and chips.Cant believe it right? Me too. haha..:)

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