Saturday, November 22, 2008

Changi Airport

Hi! Yesterday went to Changi Airport T3. It was still quite quiet despite of the removal of the government taxes. The things sold there are rather expensive, but discounts are all over the area... Quite poor business...

Next, we went to T1 to settle some airtickets matters because the airline company did not send us the barcode for departing singapore to BKK. Waste of our time to go down, saying that it does not matter if there was any barcode or not.. But i tried calling the airline company for 3 continuous days but at different times within business hours, there is still no one to pick up the phone. I was rather fed up with the company and sent a complain letter before i went down personally to settle this.Seriously angry when saw them sitting down so comfortably at the sales office.When asked them why no one picked up the phone, they said that it was because of the promotional airfares. But seriously, it was quite true but so impossible that no one picked up the call when i contacted them for about 12 times or more.Airfares were so cheap and the service was great so we dont bother about the aircraft too.!

Wanted to go to budget terminal but no time left so missed that part. Never mind, there is still LOTS OF TIME so i can slowly spend my time going to the budget terminal next time then!:)

Anyway, have done some updates and hope you have a nice visit here! Bye!

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