Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hi everyone.. It is sad to see such a bad economic crisis!Because it is affecting everyone all around the globe!

Not only those businessman are suffering from it, WE bloggers(publishers) are also suffering from it!Why? Because we get lesser opportunities to blog and those who are dependent on the blogging for their salary will be the ones who will suffer most!

So , why is it affecting our business?
Pagerank. Pagerank is GOOGLE's Determination on whether the blog is important or not.Obivously, our blog is not so important to google so it is ZERO. Most of our friends are also ranked zero except for some! You can check your pagerank by clicking here Page Rank Checker!
So, you might be wondering.
SO how can you increase your pagerank?We can only say, it is your luck.
We are seriously fed up because no matter how informative the content, our pagerank will still be zero. And no matter how many credits we have given to our images and services, our pagerank is still zero. Most importantly, we have added google's links (2 LINKS) at our credits, together with the blogskin link, our pagerank is still zero! That is really frustrating. We do not know what to do.
We have checked up various sites on how to increase our pagerank like linking to our sites,but it is to no avail. We have added google but it is still no use.

A site with a greater /higher pagerank will get more opp than others and of course, a site with zero or no pagerank will not get much or will not even get any opp. It is really saddening as like what we said, if pagerank is still zero, it will affect us.

Anyway, link to us to help us too! We have no choice but to seek your help! Thankss!!

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IT will be kind of you to link to us. Do reply by clicking on the comment list at the bottom of this post to give us your url and we will link back to you! Your help is appreciated! Thank You!

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