Friday, January 12, 2007

hi people,
I'm back to tagging again.. Today, I'm going to talk about the current class i'm in - 3E7.
3e7 is a very quiet class but very "Brillant" class. However, quietness is not good cause no discussion and leads to sleepness. Once, the class was so quiet that i almost fell asleep. (Opps.. )... It's like dead. the whole class like dead. Oh my gosh. When i step into this class, I thought people will talk more,... We get good chers. (Almost all from HODs) or rather extreme good chers but pupils also play apart in communications with the chers. So, I feel that we should be more lively and more open to share your thoughts but not keep quiet and always thinking of getting the first in class.(yes , u can think of getting 1ST , but when u share with e class ur thoughts, u are also learning!) ,... I'm very stress up and afraid of the quietness.... Please people, SPEAK!! Dont just keep quiet... (Haha)..

If now, u give me a choice to choose whether to go 3E5 or 3e7 , i will tell u 3E5 . Why>? Cause 3E5 is more active and lively and not so boring....

ok.. well, I was actually told that some teachers keep on recommending 3E7 to 4E6.. haha... Well, thanks for the recommendations anyway...

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