Friday, January 12, 2007

ok.. Anyway, when i come into this class, I actually already had some enemies and also met lots of good friends. Some Past classmates actually became selfish and didnt want to share the knowledges. I think it's because of challenges... Anyway, i dont even a care .

This is something that i experienced. At science lab on 10 January 2007, i actually met some problems on vernier calipers and micrometer screw gauge. However, when i ask XYZ , She not only dont look at me , she even ignored me TOTALLY. She just looked 45* to the left and dint reply anything. I was stunned at that moment. How can classmates dont guide each other when one another actually met problems?? i was so sad and actually regretted of coming to this class cause the challenges are too strong that people dont share their thoughts.SELFISH!But not all people is like that... People like jaron, he just shares his ideas with me.I'm so glad that i have him to sit with me!

Anyway, some people still dont want to co-operate with me like doing group works. An example is during the council meeting, CZA was requested to work with me. U know what's the first reaction>? It's not "okay" but its " ewww... " . I was also really shocked cause Despite the fact that i'm at the same class with u, u are not going to communicate with me for the next 2 years??? Fine!

I met lots of friends in 3E7 like xiaoxuan,Min Hui and some more....I'm glad to have these friends.

Today, I experienced another shocking experience.I was there daydreaming cause i'm bored at the lab . Then XYZ said that i was dreaming of my some sort of 'girlfriend'. I replied " crap" . u know what XYZ said, She just talk crap there and honestly speaking, i HATE her attidue. U can just ignored me but not talk nonsense. Then people in front of XYZ just repeat what i say.. I was really angry so i just think of "hack care lah"...

I used so much Animated words cause i had been observing for this week and was really furious of such attidues.

^Readers of this blog, I'm sorry if i was really insulting of the use of words and some lohs... I was really angry and had been holding such terrible memories 2007 for such a long week. I'm going to die soon if i continue to tolerate so i decided to tag on this blog my frustration!!! Sorry if i 'm hurting u but i hope that i wont hurt anyone:>

**XYZ & CZA are really people but they are not written by their real names so as to protect their identity . (U see, i still care for them although insults).

I felt that i'm more relaxed now aftering flushing and throwing all my frustrations on this blog.. So that's the good thing about blogging!!

Anyway, thanks for reading my frustations although if u didnt read this post but only see this sentence. Pls continue to tag at my tagboard.

Sy Yuan

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