Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2 Nights & 3 days of FUN!!

hillo.... I'm back from Camp @ Moe adventure centre. It's located behind e airport.Was damn noisy as there will be flights every 15 mins..Cant stand the nosies made by the flights... Tiffany (3/7) and i were counting e flights and clapping when any flights hover above us. We saw Cathay , Singapore Airlines,Tigerair,Cathay Pacific , Silkair and also jetstar and many more.. We counted the flights that flew above us and the total amounts of Flights were 68 !Mostly were Singapore Airlines and 2 were Jet Star ..

Had lots of fun during e camp!!

1ST Day
On the way/...
*We reached school with our backpacks and it was damn heavy.. Bought a Big Bag with lots of things... Haha.. Briefing at 8:45 am and set off at 9:45 am . We were at first going up hill towards kembangan .. thinking that we were walking towards e right way but it was actually wrong... They are just tricking us!!!! When we walked to the ESSO Petrol station, we made a roundabout and turned back, walking that way back to sch again!!! arrrr... Ms.Chua was just carrying her small bag and we thought that she was going t survive on that small bag for 3 days!!! We chatted on the way and walked to VJC . On the way, we played some games like passing the shoe box.. Nad lost her shoe bag on her way cause they were just throwing her bag around:)..
*Reached underpass @ 11:15PM .. Thought that e camp site was very near but the precision was WRONG!!! Reached food centre @ 12:10 PM... Continued walking, saw SKI 360* and lots of new stuff... Also walked to the rainforest and lots of places... Reached campsite at 1:25 pm...... Arrrhhh.. Was requested to sleep with T8 guys... WE were fine with them and started carrying all e stuff upwards.

At the campsite
*Had lunch .. quite delicious.. Hurried on and went to rockclimbing... Was excited and scared cause i didnt try before... Managed to climb to e top with ENCOURAGEMENTS..
Thanks to Pei yun for encouraging, nad (If im not wrong.. i heard ur voice) for also shouting and some guys... Thanks anyway .. WIthout you, i might not able to climb to the top...
*Went to canteen and waited for Flying Fox. Was fun and climbed to 3rd storey.. Slided down ,sitted on a cushion.. Quite bulky at first but able to balance myself when coming down...
*Next , i went to CDC(Challenge rope course).. 1st station was Climbing upwards and jumping off to grab e pole... Was tough as i need to push myself upwards and balance my self on this small circular trunk... Able to stood up and shot by ms chua.. Touched e pole but unable to hold on to pole.....
* Went to abselling stn and climbed upwards then reached to 4th storey...attached to rope and got downwards , holding on to e rope.. was quite scary at first but managed to pass tis test... Then went Back to CDC And climbed upwards again and got across to e other side about 3m , balancing on the Log without holding anything!! Wanted to fall at first but luckily, no...
* Had some cheers and had dinner..
*Night walk and shower together in e same toliet!!! 2 people, 2 mins shower!!! in the same toliet!
*slept at 11 am

* could not sleep well as nosies made by T8 Boys and woke up cause by din at 4:30 am. Brushed teeth at 5:00 am and slept again till 6:00am.
* Breakfast was nice and get on wif activities
*Spider web
*rift built by us. was taught ealier by instructors and failed to make one...whole thing was damaged on sea..
*lunch was nice and had lunch at this patethic small hut...
* kayarting was fun but tough.. Ting huan and i used all our force to push ourselves to the shore but made a whole circle on sea .. waves were huge and had another time on sea...
* Had bath with our own!
* Camp fire preparation and some games..
* taught orienteering and it was zhou's expert!
*dinner and saw ms cheng coming here..
*camp fire
*Bed time at 11

3rd day
* woke up at 6 am. brushed teeth and packed up..
*Had breakfast at canteen.Quite nice but e MILO SUCKS!
*Toliet cleaning
*sang some songs and missed e instructors!!!
*Bus came and boarded bus
At school.....
*de briefing ..
*Restless and went home at 11:05 am
*Unpack and slept from 12 :45 to 5:40 pm..

...Now blogging...
Realli enjoyed e camp.. Thanks to instructors and ms chua for taking photos .
Learnt ...

Need to go dinner liao.. Will be back in sch 2morrow.. see ya.

A fun and unforgettable camp!

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