Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007!

Hi vistor,
This is my brand new web address so probably none of my friends found out this blog.. If u do, shhh,..(*Keep Quiet*).. Don't tell anyone my website or else.... (HEhehe!!!)Well, today's 2007! Byees to 2006!!:> . Well , during the december holidays 2006, I went to Genting on Nov 8 2006 To 27 Nov 2006 TO Butterworth, Penang and Ipoh... Actually, i wanted to post the videos and pictures on my website but in order to keep it private, i don't want to post it !!(haha). .. Anyway, The whole journey was fun ... Anyway, to keep my messages short because my father want to use the computer, 2 more days to school reopens ! 3 January 2007 Will be the day that i'm happy cause i am already BORED at home!! Orientation happens on 3-5 January 2007 so we are in charge!!! Remember Secondary 3 Camp is on 29JAN-31 Jan at Changi!! haha... Time's so fast... Hope this Brand year will be a better and more joyful year.

Be positive ....
Hope you have a Good year ahead...

Sy Yuan
1 January 2007(1/1/2007)

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