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haha..ok.. Today's i 'm going to give a short introduction of teachers of 2007 as i need to rush my A.MATHS Hw. and Have dinner...

Class : 3EXPRESS 7
English -- Mr. Zurk (From MOE.HQ)
Maths - Miss Ang (Head of Mathematics)
A.Maths - Mr Albert Neo(Subject head for mathematics)
Biology - Mdm Zuiliah(Subject head for Science)
Chemistry - Ms. Chua
Physics - Ms. Lim(Head of Science)
Chinese - Miss Chua(Head of CHINESE)
Geography - Miss Fang

Anyway, what i have to say is that you just look at e chers above...
They are all from Head of subjects/ Subject heads... Well, I'm very pleased of the chers but the class is toooo quiet... We are fortunate that our maths has 2 teachers... thank you for the arrangements...

Some teachers are fun.. Eg.Mr.Albert Neo...

Favourite Quotations of Mr. Neo::

  • You don't have to do your homework yourself... You can ask your neighbour, your uncle,aunty,father,mother,sister,brother,your relative to do for you!!
  • I know that you have lots of homework.That one I know because you need to go ikea at tampines lah, after that go Courts Megastore , then go changi airport to eat sakae sushi ,Then your aunty go singapore then you need to go Airport to fetch your aunty and then need to go out for dinner lah...then midnight already...
  • You can take down all your andy lau's poster , rain's poster or whatever poster then you put up your maths formula on the wall.. So when your uncle and aunty come to your house, they will be VERY impressed.
  • Solving mathematics formula..

Eg. -4+/- √(4)2 -4(1)(3)



So he will say square root of four square minus 4 times one times three = 4 (He says very fast)

He says damn fast and it's like so funny and he's so fast and expertive!!

Haha... SO funny!!!

Haha.. I really enjoy his lesson not becuase of his funniness but 'cause of his expertive in maths!!

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14 JAN 2007

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