Tuesday, January 02, 2007

hi vistor ,
Today's again a brand new day & finally it started raining at 8PM... Haha.. so happi as i will have a good sleep tonight!tomorrow's a brand new term and a new start for the year 2007 secondary 3 School life! Going for orientation tomorrow till 5 jan... Good rite? Dont be jealous ah! But i still need to attend lessons!!! (Better cause sec 3 veri important!)...

Anyway, if u are a friend of sy yuan, probably , sy yuan told you his web, u heard his web Or u just happen to pass by this web. Anyway, my web will be updated almost daily and now , i'm still working on the clock and adding other stuffs to make this blog a better one! This blog will continue be updated and look forward to see more things! I spent 3 days to create this blog, making designs & trying out stuff.....

Have a great day ahead!!
Sy Yuan

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