Monday, December 01, 2008

Sony Vaio

It is so bored without computers. If you dont believe, just dont keep in touch with your computer for four days. That's what i did but it was not intended. Because my Compaq laptop was down at the day that SITEX fair started so we went to Sitex daily to check out the prices. I had intended to purchase the VAIO CS at the first day because it was like so cool!This is the animated verison about VAIO CS: Take a look bah! You will be fascinated ! VAIO!
Anyway, this laptop was so cool sia.. Lights and many USB board plus many antivirus softwares!!!!:) No prices slash leh though i bought it at 7PM... yah.. and it was so damn cool.. See it for yourself.. then you will know!

And guess what colour i chose, its Brown! Not bad, k?
Tv Plugin and FM Radio are all available on this computer ! So damn cool!And departing for bangkok next week! Looking forward for the first flight when the airport reopens!

That's all then ! Byee!

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