Saturday, January 03, 2009

All Roads Lead Home Movie

Do you prefer to watch movies at a Cinema or at home? Well, for me and my family, we will prefer to watch movies at home because we have the freedom to eat anything we want from pizzas to spaghettis and we can play and stop the movie at our own free time without tightening ourselves from following odd cinema screening times !Besides, you will not have to spend lots of money to invite your whole family to the cinemas to watch a movie and watching movies together on the sofas will encourage family spirit and family bonding!

Of course, when we choose movies to watch during the nights, we will not choose one which is boring or too dramatic. Besides, it will be best if the plot is great and has a message(moral) that summarises the whole movie so that our kids will learn something after watching the movie. And movies with animal themes will spark the interest of both the folks and the children!

Well, I am recommending you a movie that is "All Roads Lead Home The Movie"! This movie is about the absence of life that comes with great tragedy and highlights that a journey will always start and end at the same place. What I adore most about this romance and comedy movie is that there is a mixture of feelings: laughter and cries throughout the movie.

So what is the moral of the movie?
1. Life and death take on new meaning through different ways and there are times when we require love and understanding from our family members.
2.Sometimes,we have to make sacrifices and learn to let go of the past!

In addition, this movie is inspired by a true story and brings out the importance of a family in times of tragedy or difficulties and how the attitude of the girl changes in the timeline of the story. I am sure that this movie is a very heart-warming one!

Therefore, I feel that this movie is a MUST WATCH and highly recommended!And the good news is that the VCDs will be released on
13 JANUARY 2009 and sold at various online stores like bestbuy, and WALMART!Visit: for more information on where you can purchase this great movie to share and enjoy with your family members!

So, hurry! Purchase this great movie now! I am also going to purchase this movie when the DVD releases! And below is the trailer which you can watch before the DVD is released on 13 JANUARY!I am sure that you will not regret watching or buying the movie!

This is also an award-winning movie which has won many awards like Best Feature movies and Official selection awards!

Congratulations to Waldo West Productions for producing such a heart-warming and interesting movie!


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