Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wordpress Blogs have higher pagerank than blogger.

I've visited lots of my friends' wordpress blog and i can conclude that wordpress blogs got higher pagerank than blogger..

I ponder for a while... Isn't blogger belongs to Google?

And i've tried all means.. Putting my blog link on forum signature, advertising on blogs and more and exchange link but it just doesnt work. It still remains at zero.(Luckily there's no negative rank)

yea.. perhaps my blog isnt so likeable by google? I dunno.

And i just want a higher pagerank. that's what i request.

It does not mean that higher pagerank = more linkage to your blog. My friend who doesnt have any links got a pagerank of 2. And yes, perhaps her content is better than mine?!

And .. yes.. I'm going to start a new blog.. At wordpress by the way and hopefully, pagerank higher? Hope so?

Do support our new blog by placing our new blog's link on ur blog too? Okays?

yea.. Thanks!!

Will post the link here really soon..!

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