Tuesday, January 06, 2009

attract visitors

So, Everyone's thinking... How do you attract your visitors without PAYING A SINGLE CENT?

Well, here are some tips that you may find it useful:

1. Link up with your friends or family members.. If they dont accept your invitations, just treat them something.. I'm sure they will accept

2. Add your blog onto online forums. We know that some online forums like sgclub.com do not allow advertising, so well, add ur blog as signature! Smart isn't it?

3. Tag on ur friends' tagboards with your links.. This will even attract more visitors!

4. Use certain popular keywords which will captured by google. This will help your pagerank and post useful contents!

5.Exchange your links by advertising on wikiblogs and many like SPOTTT.COM (IT'S FREE)! This will sure attract more vistors!

6. Have your links up at INNIT NUFFNANG! YOUNG YET POWERFUL!

7. If your website is hosted by .com , you will be given credits for advertising at google adsense. Well, use those , kays? It will sure help.. (If u dont have google credits, mean the price u pay for your domain is nt worth it!)

If all these don't work which i'm sure it will, just pay some money to google adsense to publish your ads.. haha!:)

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