Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, have you watched before Anime?I am sure you have watched before.

Anime was founded since 1917 and was slowly spread to other regions of the world. It started in Japan and was either hand-drawn or computer animated ! Of course, with the advancement in technology, anime are usually computer animated !

Sometimes, I feel that Anime is more interesting than dramas as they may have a strong message which is intended to spread to the audience or for entertainment purposes!

And the question is :Have you read anime online before? If you have not done so, well, I suggest you start with this Naruto Manga ! Although the Manga is pretty long with over 430 chapters, it is quite interesting as it looks like comics and attractive to read on! I started with chapter 1 and was startled with the graphics as they are well drawn and the time required to draw these anime takes lots of time to do so! Besides, the image is clearly drawn and is in english, not japanese!

Most of these anime chapters are downloadable but if you do not have the time to finish reading all of the chapters at one time, you can either favourite this website or download the chapters and save in your desktop!

In addition,if you know how to draw anime, I will suggest that you sign up and start uploading your anime chapters! This is because you can get 5¢ per chapter uploaded and if that chapter gets 5000 views, you will get 10¢ !

I hope this will spark your interest in anime and hope you will enjoy reading!

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