Friday, January 09, 2009


Well, we know that the new ez-link card will be released for sales today and it is so great! Because it is all in one, you can use it for BUSES,TRAINS(IMMEDIATE) ,School canteens, printing services, F&B outlets, Private buses(in 1st Quarter 2009), 7-Eleven convenience stores, ERP, EPS, SMRT Taxis, NLB library branches and MacDonald's Restuarants, school bookstores(in 2nd Quarter 2009), F&N Coca-cola vending machines, Singapore Pools and Hospitals(IN 3RD Quarter 2009) .

Well, i feel that this is really great because no need for cash cards or anything else. You can even top up to max $500 but one thing that i dont quite like is the $3 lock in where you have to be reminded to top up and can only be used for trains and buses if remains less than $3 !

And top up channels are alot but slowly spreading in the later part of the year.Six MONTH COMPLEMENTRY INSURANCE Provided and can win up to $1088! so cool sia!

Going to get mine soon when going poly! haha!
Ok, here are the pics for it:

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