Friday, January 16, 2009

Have you been to Well, i can say that it is a vibrant and friendly-user website that allows us,bloggers to earn money from taking opportunities and writing about the content that we are required to write.Sometimes, it can be fun in the way that we write the things that we love to ! And, since i have wrote reviews for other companies, i will share my experience with you. I have wrote before lots of things ranging from travel to health products and business. And i love doing such things because not only can it help me improve my style of writing, it also allows me to know more about the happenings and the new products in the market!

And is about the same as other marketplace in the way that i can reserve the opportunity first ,take a shower and then write about the topic that i have reserved. It is a pretty relaxing job because i do not have to be shouted at or demanded to do the things that i disliked.I am quite satisified with the new layout that payingpost has. It is quite organised and nice!

Well, on newspapers or in media, we know that bloggers make money blogging.Yes,it is true. There are lots of advertising medium like Pay for every post, payperclick and pay per sponsered. And from my rich experience, i am glad that pay for every post exists. This is because you just have to blog about the topic and that's it ! You will recieve the money in your paypal after 30 days! And sometimes, it may be $10 or $20 or even $100 ! So, it is rather pretty easy to earn as long as you stick to the topic and have no grammatical errors!

And since you have free time because you are on medicial leave or holidays, why not join payingpost and earn money while on leave? I hope that you enjoy your stay on !
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For advertisers, why not make an offer too? You can advertise on blogs and i am sure that you will like it too! You can not only gain more exposure, but also hear from us,consumers on what we have commented on your products!

All the best and Good Lucks!

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