Sunday, January 04, 2009

xiaxue dead?


So,Why is everyone thinking that xiaxue is dead?When i read a popular post as published on a forum located at, which is this link: , i was so surprised when i saw that there's a rumour that she's dead..

Asiaone's report @

Feeling surprised, i saw another link and it was from wikipedia.. so, i thought for a while, really she is? Perhaps is some kind of rumours.. so i click the link: and we saw the following text appearing on wikipedia which still exists:

"On 20 July 2005, Xiaxue's blog was hacked into and defaced; the hacker also gained access to her e-mail account and deleted all her e-mails. She regained access to her blog and e-mail account two hours after discovering the hacking, and made a police report. The local Internet community condemned the hacking.

In a post she wrote on 16 October 2005, Xiaxue criticised a disabled man who scolded an able-bodied man for trying to use the handicapped toilet. This entry provoked many of her readers, who saw it as insensitive and unreasonable. After receiving hundreds of complaints from angry netizens, two of her three then-sponsors terminated their endorsement deals with her.

In a post she wrote on 28 December 2005, Xiaxue claimed that Singaporean girls were repeatedly molested by foreign workers at Orchard Road during festivals and special celebration events, and suggested carrying aerosol foam sprays on Orchard Road should be banned. The post, which the local Internet community condemned as "racist" for its derogatory references to the local population of Bangladeshi construction workers,prompted an angry netizen to start a petition to ban the blogger from Orchard Road.
Xiaxue's review of the iPhone was dubbed the 'Worst iPhone review so far' by Daniel Lyons of Forbes Magazine, one of the top technology bloggers in the US."

Looks like she got lots of hatred from those who hack into her account and those who critised her comments and whatsoever..

So, we decided to investigate further by going into her blog and managed to find out that it is just rumours... She stated that she was not dead..And we are glad about that.

But! The question is: Why everyone knows that she is not dead, there are still lots of forum topics spreading that she is.. and many just do not care whether she is or not..

FOR EG, one of the replies by an online forum states : WHO CARES! or i don't bloody care...

So, What do you think? We wont comment further...


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