Friday, January 09, 2009

new windows live

yea.. most of hotmail users have recieved the notification of the new windows live messenger..

Well, i will say that if your computer speed is slow, my computer speed is 4GB, INTERNET=8GB RAM so, if yours is slower than mine, please DONT DOWNLOAD. Because i took about 45 mins to complete the installation process.

And we can say that it is really really slow, like you take a plane from singapore to Kuala Lumpur and when you landed, i believe the process havent complete!

However, the wait is worth it,I should say. Because the MSN MESSENGER IS really cool with all the icons orderly arranged. No more irritating ads , all located at the bottom.And the icon is so cool with a green cube , showing you are online, red means busy and orange means away.

And, NO MORE POP-UP sounds SIGNALLING TO YOU A new mail. It is just a reminder of new mail or sign in at the right of page but not directly above the taskbar. And it looks really really great! And all the messages that u've typed will be gathered together till the next user types his msg!

Well, if you've installed the new windows live, just tell us how you feel about it!

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