Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday(20 jan), I went to GV VIVOCITY to catch the sneak preview( Gala Premiere) of "LOVE MATTERS"(幸福万岁)all thanks to OMY.SG and i can say that it is a nice movie that you should catch just before Chinese New Year.

I went at 7:50 Pm to collect my tickets and this is what i saw just before an hour of the screening of the movie...

Crowded isn't it? haha!

Don't be mistaken! All these are not the cinema audience but are the supporters of the cast and the director of Love Matters! I was so surprised too!

And at 9pm, the official screening time of the movie, the director ( Jack Neo) and all the actors and 972FM DJ also come to the cinema to meet us and say hello! And yes... The show officially starts !

Since the movie has not been shown yet, we won't spoil the mood of anxiety!

So, what is LOVE MATTERS about?

The Moral of this movie in short is about husband and wife should treasure each other's long term relationship and should not betray one another. Similarly, since parents are role model, they should not do anything wrong or else the children will also follow suit! It also tells us to think of other people's feelings before we do anything so as to prevent another party from getting hurt.

What i love most about this movie is that it talks about not only the parents, it also talks about the relatives and child which is effective for all ages to know the importance of treasuring each other and of course, all of them ended up with their love ones .

This movie is also very humorous in the sense that no one expects the uncle who always flirt to have a mother in law in real world who is very horrible and terrifying in his nightmares.And of course, this teaches him a lesson not to flirt around and to treasure and settle down.
All in all, most parts of the movie is humorous as there is a use of hokkien, thai language by Mark Lee and chinese.
However, it is NC16. So if you are still kids yet,that's too bad for you!

So, why not grab your tickets for LOVE MATTERS Movie now?!

Showing in Cinemas on 22 JAN 2009!

Visit for more information on the movie!

Why not take a look at the trailer first?

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