Sunday, February 01, 2009

german golf

I managed to stumble upon three German golf sites and they are pretty interesting. Well, if you are intending to go to the sites that I will be mentioning later , you will need a Google translate because they are all in German so the translation will sure come handy unless you know German! I suggest a Google translation tool to be available on these sites so that we can understand what the sites are about.

Anyway, Golf is a fun sport that originates from Scotland and i agree that Golf is a popular game because it allows you to strive hard to target a point at a vast field and learn practical skills.You can also set your dreams and thoughts while playing Golf!

So, if u manage to visit Golfurlaub which is about taking golf courses both locally and international, it advices you to take up golf courses in Germany. And similarly, the tips and advices on how to score well when playing golf with your competitors! You can also apply the membership for golf online .

Next, if you visit Platzreife ,it is about taking up golf lessons(Green Card) in a group and it has many details like the price and the training sessions available on the weekdays! You can also purchase your golf necessarities available on the website. And I can say that there are a hugh varieties of famous branded goods available for purchase and they are very cheap with discounted prices! In addition, the website also recommends you the places where you can travel to play golf! So, it is a useful website for golfers!

Lastly, if you visit Golfkurs ,it has similar contents as the two other sites that i have mentioned earlier and it also mentions a few terms that will be used during Golf practises so that beginners will be familiarise with the terms! And the site also describes to us the pros and cons of both individual and group courses.

Hence, if you have the time , do drop by the sites that i have mentioned!

All the best!

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