Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pamper yourself with a New webhost this christmas

For these few months, I have been considering to change a new web host for my blog. This is because I want to target my website to more internet users and have been receiving low audience for months.

Basically, I am quite satisfied with my webhost - Blogger which is now under Google for quite some time! This is because it provides simple steps to create a new blog and I am able to figure my way around quite easily. However, it does not allow me to create several pages (domain) under one web url which I have been frustrated for a few months. Besides, it always has this Blogger Search Toolbar which i also have difficulties to remove for a period of time.

Well, if you are like me-frantically searching for another web host, I have great news for you! I have just found this excellent web hosting website and i am very contented with the contents that are available on the website.

So, you may be wondering, why did I say this?

Firstly, it allows internet users like us to rate the different web hosting and displays a rich content about the services that the different web hosting companies are providing. We can also view customers and webmasters reviews under one website!

Secondly, it displays the rankings of the web hosting companies for the year and I took a glance at one of the web hosting companies. As this is the first time that I came across this company, I was totally amazed by the services provided by the company and the price for web hosting per month was extremely cheap so I may consider it for my future web host!:)

Thirdly, it shows me not only the web hosting provider but also the bonus features that you will enjoy when you join the web hosting company! This is what bloggers like us want because I do not have plenty of time to explore each individual web hosting companies so in this display manner, i will be able to view all the advantages and prices all at one look!

Lastly, you are able to view the awards that were given to the web hosters so that you can just go for the best. For example, I usually go for cheap yet worth the money items so I feel that the services provided by the best budget web hosting company as voted is amazing and unbelievable!

So, why not pamper yourself with a new web host for this Christmas? Hope you found a cheap and trustable web hosting company soon if you have not done so!

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