Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Have you seen the newest and the coolest MP3 in town? Well, i am refering to the Samsung YP-S3 MP3 Player. The reason why i said this is because it has an appealing and attractive appearance !Besides, if you don't like something heavy, feeling that it is like a load or a burden that you have to carry, Samsung YP-S3 is just for you because it is extremely light and the whole MP3 is not so large. It is just ideal but what i suggest is that the screen to be larger,because it may be too small for the folks to admire the animated graphics !

What i love most is the control buttons that are lit blue when in use and when not in use, the touch-sensitive buttons seem to disappear !So Amazing!And the blue light just suits the background of the black MP3! The typical navigation arrows and Play/Pause/Enter button are complemented by a control that takes you back to the previous menu and the extra features button for various options, depending upon the menu you're navigating. However, sometimes , i am unable to scroll to the left and it just enters into another section of the menu.This is really frustrating because i have to select back to the menu and select to my desired section!

Besides, the Power and Hold functions are at the side of the YP-S3 which is quite good but i do not quite like the sensitivity of the Power function. Because, sometimes, you have to pull hard enough for the YP-S3 to be turned on. In addition, when you charged the YP-S3, you won't know how much it is charged till you see the full battery. Hence, i will advice the charging status to be displayed on the MP3 when it is being charged.

Well, the menu is quite attractive with all the bubbles and sparkling theme!You can also select many other options like power on and you can access to your music easily through a few ways!
Another thing that i love is that the MP3 has many options for you to choose from like street mode or clarity when you play your music!Another best thing that i desire is the DNSe function which you can choose when you play the music. You can choose the different modes like concert hall or studio or rock. I love these modes very well because the music comes out very real and cool!The device also accepts MP3, WMA music which is excellent because some of the other devices do not accept WMA.

For the other functions of the YP-S3, it have alarms,text document for you to see over different colours , games and worldclock! It is just like your handphone, only that you cannot call in and out!What i love is also the different fonts that i can choose from for the YP-S3 !
You can also view videos that you have downloaded and the image and sound is quite clear!You just have to convert your video form into MPEG-4 with the use of the CD provided in the package!

Lastly, for the FM Radio, you can select the wide range of radio stations and preset them! The font is rather large and the colour is so nice with all the coloured texts and images!

But, just a word of advice. Clean your fingers before touching your MP3 because at the end of the day, you will see many fingerprints on the touch pad which is really horrible!Use a Cleaning Pad to clear away the fingerprints!

Hence, you won't be lost when you use Samsung YP-S3 because it is just a few sections to select from!

Well, just visit:http://www.samsung.com/sg/consumer/learningresources/s2s3/index.html for more information about Samsung YP-S3 !
Hope you enjoy it!
You won't regret having one!

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