Monday, December 08, 2008


Yay!!! Finally the day i've been waiting for is arriving! I'm going on a holiday though it's a short flight trip but can take plane can liao:) haha.. ! Well, dont miss ,kays?I'll be back in 4 days and it will be fun with all the food and shopping !!!:)

Anyway, want to buy a new samsung headset! Maybe go overseas then see how lols:)So, it will be fast and coming back to SIN soon to find job :) temporary job :) and go JB for food after come back:)

So, this is the second time i'm going to the same place so intending to go LONDON/Korea/Japan next year?! See how first because air tickets are predicted to drop for their prices!! haha! Good period to go holidays!

Enjoy your holidays then! Bye!Though it's a noon flight..:)

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