Saturday, December 13, 2008


Christmas is just around the corner and have you thought of giving anything to your friends or colleagues?Anyway, i will suggest you to give something valuable yet inexpensive! Pexagon is offering a special 20% Discount for all personalized holiday gifts like thumb drives and pens for this festive season so you may consider purchasing a thumb drive for the special person that you will be rewarding to!


For me,I usually go for cheap,eye-catching and unique items when I go shopping!Well, Pexagon offers a personalised thumb drive that is not only durable but has also attractive colours to choose from! Besides,Pexagon also offers a free custom laser engraving for the thumb drive!Most importantly,the thumb drive is protected by password and there is no setup costs and minimum order quantity so you can just purchase 1 or more!

I have tried out the thumb drive by myself by clicking the options that i want to appear on the thumb drives!It is like so amazing and appealing as the colors are so attractive! You can choose themes or personalize with 2 lines of words!

If you are thinking to offer a present to a businessman, no worries!Pexagon also offers 2GB business thumb drive that has 5 different colors!They are reliable and can work with most softwares like MAC and Microsoft!

If you feel that thumb drives are not special enough, you can consider buying a personalised pen that has 3 unique styles with many colors to choose from!Remember, personalization for the items like pen and thumb drives are all free!

So,think no further and start your purchase at Pexagon because a 20% discount is specially offered to you!Happy shopping !


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