Friday, December 05, 2008

Hello.. Was rather bored and slept every morning at 10-11 am.. Was soon decomposing at home... Found a job and was shortlisted for it.. It was Kumon Tution Centre:) Went for the interview last few days.. Can't remember when.. Got bad memory..:)

Anyway, i made up my mind to go to the job agency maybe tomorrow?! haha.. see how first..
My mum has been grumbling and forcing me to go out to work.. Was so fed up with it because i earned hundreds monthly from the advertisements lying freely all over the web and it is enough because i didnt spend them. But she wanted me to gain the experience mah.. so , i also bo chap.. wait for time to fly and see how.. so restless over jobs:)

But i am still awaiting to take a flight to bangkok again! This year was bangkok and last year was also bangkok.. Lots of things to buy this time because planning to go to poly so wan to buy bags, bottles, sandles,clothes and many many more... Food most important because it was the cheapest there! 1 bowl of noodles only SGD1 ++ so cheap!So wasted if you dont go...:)

Going for 4 days from 9/12 to 12/12 .. So excited for the trip but departing on the noon flight . Because this year , the morning flight(11AM) was SGD27 more expensive than the noon flight(3:30PM) so bought the noon flight to bangkok!Last year was though cheaper but this year also quite cheap.All taxes, admin charges included only SGD 198 per person. Now you go the website to check, its not even SGD198, its SGD390 liao.Ours is FREE AND EASY and book by the website, not through agent so it is cheaper!:)

Budget airlines do no fix prices for the air tickets so it depends how fast and how slow you book the tickets. And i've been monitoring the tickets for months so bought the cheap tickets!haha.!

Well, was rather relived that the thailand Bangkok turmoil was finally over and the election was postponed and to be elected in 30 days. Well, really pei fu their spirit of fighting for their rights and after all the protests, they cleaned up the airport. It was so amazing and they really respect the places that they used!

So, these few days will be just slacking and waiting for time to come to take a flight to bangkok!!!!!:):):):):):)

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