Tuesday, December 30, 2008

thank you

Well, today's being a busy day! And i have been to Yishun to send my cousin for tution! Then , went there for shopping!It is a great experience and we have macdonalds!Looking for plug point to plug in my VAIO, but didnt manage to find one.. sadly.. And no wireless connection was detected at the restaurant..

After which, went to my cousin's house to connect to internet but failed.. And her computer was not protected with anitvirus.. It was outdated and the computer was unsecure..So, decided to come home to use! Haha!

It was so tiring and managed to return home at 6pm .. !So, now using computer to check some mails! And thanks to our continuous supporters and many people, we have managed to achieve a high record of 142 YESTERDAY And 148 Visits TILL NOW!


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