Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well, Been to the Johor Bahru 's New checkpoint? If you havent been to, check it out here! I've been there yesterday and it was really horrifying from singapore to Johor Bahru because all buses,cars have to pass through the old JB checkpoint before going up the roads to the new checkpoint! It is like a racing track.. Kept turning and turning ... You just cant see the end or the new checkpoint!

By the way, when we got here at around 12 pm noon, it was a hugh massive jam!Then , when we reached the complex, it's a wow! Everything is so nice with a waterfall to make it nice! But the immigration is inefficient and slow with lots of people queueing up and jamming! We can only go to the city square(shopping centre) at 2pm but business is really good for the bubble tea shop!

So, when we return to singapore, we have to walk a long way from the CITY SQUARE LEVEL 3 to the arrival hall then to the departure hall(Towards singapore)! It is such a tiring route because you have to be fit to walk such a long distance!And you have to take 4 escalators to the complex! Besides, be prepared of the jam when you go so have to set off early!

Well, here are some pictures and we just have to say that the complex is great with all the facilities and quite advanced.. But not enough counters to handle the hugh capacity!

All in all, the appearance is great with less pollution, but we just have to comment on a better system for the immigration.. More counters during the peak periods? That's all and when we return, we are glad of the division of the vehicles . Bus 950 is at Platform B and BUS160,170 is at platform A so it is 2 different places opposite each other. Less chaos and more systematic! Great work!But the tracks are curved , so it is like racing tracks.. Going up and down the hill:)

Enjoy your trip to JB next time!

And click this link to view current traffic before setting off!


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