Sunday, December 28, 2008


Last minute hotel reservation.

Are you searching for a reliable yet cheap hotel bookings? I am glad that is able to provide you such services!I have booked a hotel through and at first, i was wondering whether this online booking can be trusted! That time was 3 november 2008 which i was booking for my booking in bangkok. So, i decided to test the agent by sending an email to another hotel to enquire them about this agent. I was glad that they said it was okay to book through them.

So, why should you book through them?
1. You can search for the cheapest rates for the hotel. For eg, when i book Prince palace without breakfast , only room, i paid only $62 but when i book with breakfast, i paid $80. SO, i will prefer a room without breakfast and provides you this service to show you the cheapest rates!

2.It gives you an idea of how many rooms are still available and the total amount payable online and at the hotel. You dont have to pay the full amount but only a small sum of money. For example, i was to pay $186 for 3 nights but online payment is only $27, the rest payable to hotel piror to arrival.

3. Member points are rewarded to you when you make a booking which you can use in your next booking.

4. Best of all, you can expect the cheapest hotel rates among all agents even though you book last minute ( 2 days before departure)!

5. YOU can get a refund difference when you find another agent with a cheaper room rates!

6. WITH 2 OR MORE BOOKINGS, You will be upgraded to a higher position!

So, get your bookings here now!:)
Click here to book! OR BANNER CLICK to book!

Last minute hotel reservation.

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