Tuesday, March 17, 2009

blocked user.

oh yes, some updates is that someone, im not going to mention him anymore, helped tt brainless spammer instead of me . even tagged" Keep up the good work "on tt spammer blog. I confirm his identity by clicking the link that he left behind and it is HIM.

Well, i am glad that someone actually help me back:) so, thats good. At least , i have some loyal readers unlike him. I have blocked him on MSN too. so, yeah , thats all!:)

And yeah, alright, i will stop this arguement though tt spammer disagree to forgive me. Nothing to say , right? hes so persistent.So, yeah, one person has to give way, so yeah, i gave way but he still continued. A huge attitude problem with the spammer. He has to go counselling.or perhaps, he kena menopause. thats why he cant control his temper?!

So, anyway, not going to bored you all with all these . Hope tomorrow will be a better day!:)

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