Sunday, March 22, 2009


hmm.. have been so busy these few days with blogging , advertising, doing project and more! FREAKING BUSY! But well, life is like that, so no choice have to perservance!

yesterday,I was on board the bus 12 when I dropped about $1 into the coin deposit box. Then, the driver was so siaoz. He did not look at me, turned away and the other who dropped the coin was given a ticket. I was so frustrated and told him that i dropped a dollar. He said, flash your ez-link. I was like.. if i brought my ez-link, will I have to drop the coins?! And if i did flash, i lose more $$ because I will end up paying about $2 plus? so, i had no choice, but to drop another 40 cents or more. So shit. Never mind. Wont forget my ez-link anymore.

And yeah, watched MR.BEAN that i borrowed from the library. Nothing much funny. watch until 12 am midnight then sleep.

Today kena sore eye. So suai . But i think is because of the heatiness.


Yay! Most plurkers will have know about this alr. hahahhaha!:)

And will enjoy myself because it is low season now and very very cold . Temperature at 17 degrees!:)

Alright. Will end off here. Got to go.


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