Tuesday, March 17, 2009

busy with banners

hey. I havent been blogging since a few days ago though not too long for many people.. But i feel this un-easiness when i dont blog daily. I dont know why. Maybe it is a new disease?

So, what have i been busy with?

basically, i have been quite active in plurk. It is so damn fun after someone recommended me to it! Make so many friends, link each other and chit chat there!Hence, I have no time to blog .!

So, what happens is that i made a banner but unable to upload to a site due to its largeness(i mean the size) ! Damnn it!

It looks so great! Well, wanted to compress but save the effort. Redoing another one.!

So, gonna be busy again! See you and will upload the new banner when it is done!

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