Monday, March 23, 2009

A funny Train experience

hey. forgot to post something interesting that I saw a few days ago.

So, what happened was that I was on board this train from pasir ris. There are 3 women. Pretty funny. When the door closes, 2 of the women are outside the train while 1 of them managed to enter. And then, the other 2 women outside were a bit crazy.One of them use the umbrella to force open the door , trapping the umbrella between the doors.

So, they were like giggling all the while, waiting for the door to open. And then, the women inside started to use force to pull the umbrella into the train. I stared in amaze because the doors were already so tight.

Of course, the train doors still opened and the other 2 women entered.

This is a bit crazy . Cannot board then wait for the next train lah. Why bother to stuck the doors?

thats all. Monday Bluees!:(

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