Friday, March 13, 2009


Yeah, Im back from school. Well, the post below is I post in school 1. So, yeah, my mood has just became more calm after some advices from helpful PLURKERS! thanks so so so much!

Anyway, people are just jealous that we get featured , hence starting to spam our tagboards,commenting us something bad on others blog. This shouldnt be the way. If you want to get famous or what, go achieve it yourself. Dont spam or downgrade yourself.It is useless to do that. Because we have your IP and everything. UNCLES or Aunties, IT has become more advanced .So , please grow up and be more mature! Dont spam others.

Consider other people feeling. We are not here for you to comment unless you ARE PREFECT!And then, you can spam all you want.

Alright, talking about ads, a lot of people are interested how i manage to get so many deals. Well, cant tell you much ,otherwise, my income will go to you. So, it is a SECRET!You cant find the answer on this blog, so dont waste your time searching.
Basically, it is popularity and my blog is interesting, so i get to advertise the things I like.

Oh yes, we deliever true click. Stop encouraging people to click your ads. This doesnt work for google.Well, you can encourage, but dont get caught.We dont encourage this on . We believe in true clicks, delivering to the right audience the message they want but not forcing them.

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