Saturday, March 14, 2009


Oh yes, i think i should close this case but it is getting worse... and worse ...

So, what happen is that this stupid brainless blogger , i apologised to him if he is not the spammer, but he scolded me again on his blog twice! WHAT is this?!

But well, dont bother about him. thats what everyone told me. I should learn to control my temper. Well, farewell bloddy idiot.

Thanks for your insults that deliever more hits to our blog and making our blog more appealing and attractive to advertisers! We have improved due to you. Thank you for your great insults that do not make any sense at all.

Everyone in the cyber space knows about this alr. So, well, you arent civilised at all because you dont forgive someone and scold vulgarities.

So, go home and learn some manners before you blog. DOnt waste peoples time reading your useless blog.

And at least we are featured. EVeryone knows you are just jealous about this. It doesnt matter where you are featured. Nuffnang or not also not your problem.Dont get jealous over such small things. Go achieve yourself. Stop attracting people in such a disgrace manner. It doesn't work.

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