Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Blogging Experience

Today's Discussion: My Blogging Experience.

I know that this seems to be a little too sudden among all the advertorials post. ahhaha.. well, Life is full of surprises.

So, what has caused me to become ME , today?

Reason being of spammers that have increased from year 2005 that is the year I started this blog. Thanks to my classmate who loves to spam my blog for no reason, hence , our tracking services are sponsered and placed on this web for a lifetime! Well, spammers are people who are too bored or they dont quite like or agree to the blogger itself so, thats how they are born.

And I dont force or need you to love me because I know I love the way i write !:)

Well,today, i just recieved an email from another tracking company that wants to sponser me for the service. Of course, the service and tracking details are more detailed and more secure.

So, perhaps, i may change tracking company.

Why am I be able to get so so so many advertorials ???

Well, I think Someone quoted something from my blog like "my blog is interesting so i get to advertise more.." . The reason is not actually this. I quoted this because at that time, I was so furious about the spam thing and couldnt think much of any reasons.
And who's blog isn't interesting? yeah, so thats not the reason.

Firstly, I declare. I declare that I accept in the form of cash for advertorials and will provide honest comments. Something like that. If you want to know more what I have delcared, just click "I DECLARE" blue button located at the bottom of the post.
Most bloggers dont declare so they dont get as many advertorials as netizens from U.S. and other countries that declare.

And, secondly, I am able to target to U.S. and CHINA netizens mostly. I think 39% of my visitors daily is from US and 35 % is from China. Hence, if you observe, most ads are related to U.S. . According to my traffic tracking company.

Thirdly,the price for opportunities are set at a reasonable price. I can't tell you the price because prices range very greatly , depending on the criteria , requirements, number of words and links.

Fourth, Fraud Clicks are absolutely no no for most advertising companies. This is to gain trust to ensure that their messages are delievered to their consumers. So, do you see anything like "Please click orelse you wont be blessed in my blog?"

No right?. Though I hope more people will click on my ads but i have agreed to the terms that i wont force people to click.

And lastly, I met the minimum requirements set by advertising companies. They rank according to number of visitors, geographic, demographic , vulgarities and pornography blog are confirm a no no and also the blog topic related to the opportunities.

And just to add on, the recent spam thingy has attracted so so many visitors to my blog. This has again increased traffic and more advertisers actually want to advertise.(if you notice on the left under current events and promotions!) Thanks to you guys!:)

So, well, Blogging is quite a fun thing to do, not only to montize but also to blog related stuff to your life! People can be very very interested in your life for no reason like ?! She just got famous overnight because of her style of expressing herself.

And yeah, any enquiries, just comment below!:)

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