Tuesday, March 10, 2009


yeah. I am BACK! hahhaha! After a long non-posting days though it is only 2 days .Well, busy with projects and stuff. Went to school today for IDEAS. Present the project and went for lunch at Kou-Fu. Eat the same stuff , Chicken and fish fried rice at SP.

After that, we went to enrol ourselves. Wow.Like clinic le. Got queue number somemore ! But we skipped 4 counters and get our t-shirts, enrollment package!Went around hunting for good CCAs but couldnt find 1 yet.

After lessons, went to IT fair at SP. didnt bother to see fujitsu , acer and lenovo. Went direct to Macbook . WOW. So damn cool sia. DOnt know how to operate. A bit suai. And macbook pro costs $4,000++!!SO DAMN EXPENSIVE OKAY?! shit. Can only afford macbook if i manage to get my schloarship. Hopefully... otherwise, forget about it.

Oh yeah, alton and andy ,zhane, thanks for the tags. And a contest eligible for everyone will be up soon! Win E-BADGES!!!:)

And got to go soon!


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