Sunday, March 01, 2009

Today Updates

Today is really terrible for me because I have to reinstall many softwares like Mcafee and Microsoft Office because these softwares have already been expired. Sadly. and there goes my project. But, I manage to reinstall the trial verison. ahah.

Next, I installed the Norton 2009 internet security because my father bought the 3 users usage 4 months ago. And what happens is that there are only 239 days to expiry. It is supposed to be 360 days right? I called Harvey Norman and they said that I have to install the anti virus software into 3 computers within 15 days or else, it will be forfeited.

I was like. Where got people buy 3 computers ? Okay. Yes, there's a posibility but how many?!

And I've been busy with my ZBRUSH. I think I'm finally done unless I still want to alter it and make a new one.

Okay. Thats all and its raining againn..


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