Monday, February 02, 2009

We know that nowadays, sellers will have to set up an account and verify that the account is theirs by entering their credit card information and residential address. In addition, if you register and sell your items using EBay or any other sites, there are always charges for placing your ad there.
Hence, have you been to a site where there are no such charges and you can sell your items at the lowest cost that you can offer?

Well, today, I will introduce you to Create a Free Online Store at !

So, why at

Firstly, you can advertise and place your items there at no cost and registration is FREE! Secondly, you can get your earnings by PayPal and it is completely safe and secure! You do not have to enter any credit card information!
Thirdly, you can decide on the free shipping that you will offer over the total orders by customers!

Other great deals include no commissions charged on sales and you are able to preview your site before submitting!

And of course, offer other more features than other online stores!

So, why not visit them and perhaps, set up your own business today?

Good luck!

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