Friday, February 20, 2009

today@SP(funny events)

WOW. Today is a pretty interesting lesson with effective speaking skills. We learn how to read well and how to breathe in and out properly.. Quite okay lah but a bit tired.

And after which, we were briefed on our assessment. Still got exam one leh.. But 30% is come up with story provided by the lecturer..

Next,we went for lunch pretty early. Oh yah. Blogging till here reminds me of something!

See this: (I bought from foodcourt 3 in SP)

Is this Hong Kong NOODLE?

Is it even noodle???!!! I dont recognise it as noodle.. It looks like bee hoon to me!Even kindergarden kids can tell you its bee hoon.

But it is lucky that I dont hate bee hoon and quite nice lah.. Because the gravy is really nice and delicious and the bee hoon is not bad!! But will try the next store next time because the food looks nicer!

Oh yes, another event happened just after lunch when me,rachel and wen ling was heading to the library and i couldnt find them because the library is so damn hugh.But my sixth sense tells me that they are at first floor so, really they were there..

And when we were trying to borrow the CDS and stuff , wen ling's poly card seems to have a problem. We went to another machine and tried again.

!!Okay.. Pay attention ah..

What happened was that the system says there were two items in a CD case , so wen ling removed the whole CD from the borrowing machine and wanted to go to the counter...

Suddenly, the system gone nuts and this is the effect.. The paper keeps coming out with PRINTING shown on the screen and yes, keep printing blank paper....


WONDERFUL AND im so so so so AMAZED.Kept laughing till the machine was off!!

hahahhahahahhahahha..Sad that you are not at the scene.. Looking at how many trees are sacrificed for this mistake.

And after which,we had story telling and got stomachache throughout the whole lesson. Go home after that.

I was so tired and thats all. Bye!

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